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Know Your Worth – You are WORTH MORE than FREE

Know Your Worth – You are WORTH MORE than FREE

Know Your Worth – You are WORTH MORE than FREE, Artists, Musicians, Actors, Dancers and all PEOPLE! Hey Everyone! Did you know YOU  are worth MORE than “For Experience”? Did you know you do NOT have to give your talents away for FREE in exchange “For Experience”? OR how about for “Credit” or a “Meal”!

Last I remember there is a big thing called SLAVERY which still exists in many parts of the world where people work for FREE or for a MEAL. So let’s put some things into perspective here.

You have invested years of training, commitment, and finances  into your talents, your craft, your skills, your mind, whatever it is that YOU HAVE TO OFFER THE WORLD.  Why in the hell would you give it away for FREE?

I have had enough of seeing these types of requests, especially of artists. Clearly you are being taken advantage of. Clearly you are WORTH MORE THAN FREE.

Throughout time people have developed this idea that to be an artist you have to be broke, or give your art and your talents away to anyone who is willing to utilize them with the hopes of an OPPORTUNITY.  Why would you ever do that?

STOP THAT. It’s time YOU STOP BEING AN OPPORTUNIST by showing up for FREE with hopes of something greater presenting itself to you, and see that you are WORTHY RIGHT NOW.

It’s time YOU see that you are VALUABLE. It’s time that you REALIZE that unless you ask for what you DESERVE then people will aways be willing to take advantage of you and give you the old “DO IT FOR EXPERIENCE” B.S. Line.

When you start asking for what you NEED like HELLO MONEY, DOLLA BILLS, CHEDDA, CHEEZ WHATEVER YOU CALL IT, in exchange for your services, THEN the people with the $$$ will start to appear in your life. How? Because YOU  will make room for them by clearing out the “broke” people, that want to USE YOU.

So NEXT TIME you see a Post that says “For Experience” DON’T  SHOW UP. Be a Leader and tell your troops to join you. Give people NO OPTION but to PAY YOU WHAT YOUR WORTH.

What would happen if NO ONE shows up for FREE? PEOPLE WOULD START PAYING.

KNOW YOUR WORTH. Learn how to value yourself by clicking HERE.

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