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I Speak.

“Stephanie taught me to understand that I hold the power to create my reality and my destiny. She gave me the tools and training I needed to make a plan to achieve my goals and more” – Actress Sarah Preston.


I have spent the majority of my life HELPING people with their personal and career development.

As I worked towards pursuing my own goals towards a career as a professional performer, I found mysef helping people. It is my passion to help people to develop their vision.

Therefore the success people achieve when working together with me on their journey serves me.

Helping people is just something that comes naturally to me without any thought or hesitation.

As my life has progressed, I have realized that it is this innate desire to help people, that truly fulfills me.

Because it provides me an abundance of happiness to see other people happy.

Through the years I have been invited to speak for a variety of audiences.  I have enjoyed speaking with corporations such as Facebook Inc., Educational Institutions, Television Talk Shows, Online Talk Shows, Conferences and Podcasts.

It is my whole hearted honor to share my personal journey to inspire you and your audience, to transform your lives.

My goal is to encourage you to develop the life experience you have always desired and ultimately deserve.

4 Keynotes:

Here are the topics I speak most about:

  • The Art of Showing Up, Even When You Feel You Don’t Belong
  • Win by Being the Ultimate Chameleon, While Still Being Yourself
  • Surviving Endometriosis – (My Warrior Inspiration for Battling the Disease)
  • The Snow White Analogy – (Leadership & Team Building)

You can watch several of my interviews here:

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