Actress Monique Reid
Monique Reid - Actress - KMR Talent Agency

"There are defining moments in our lives that shape us and help plot our course for the rest of our lives. When I walked into Stephanie’s Studio, I was at a point in my life where I was going to give up on acting. I was about to be 20 and thought if it hasn’t happened for me as a teenager it won’t happened now in my 20s but something inside of me said try one more time. I am so thankful I listened to that voice because it led me to the St James Experience. Meeting Stephanie and getting to work in her class was one of the most profound and life changing experiences for me. Stephanie taught me fearlessness and freedom as an actress. Acting since I was 7, I was always told I was talented, but I was still shy and had server stage fright. Studying with her finally gave me confidence in my talent. Her belief in me and my abilities helped me push past my fears to the point that I felt safe every week to feel vulnerable to open up and use my past pain in my work but what I love the most about Stephanie is that she never allowed me to cheat myself. She always knew when I wasn’t giving me all, when I could go deeper or give a better performance and she never let me settle for average. She always knew what to do to bring the best out of me. I have studied with acting coaches and working actors in LA, NY, and Atlanta and I always compare them to Stephanie and to this day almost 10 years later no one has challenged me as much as she did. She has made me not only a better actress but a fearless person. Whenever I am afraid to take a risk I can always hear her saying “F- Fear” in my head and I end up pushing past fear and it has always paid off. Because of her encouragement I never gave up on my dreams and I am still acting, training auditioning all over the country to this day."

  • Stephanie taught me to understand that I hold the power to create my reality and my destiny. She gave me the tools and training I needed to make a plan to achieve my goals and more.

    Actress - Sarah Preston Actress, Model, Content Creator
  • I looked online and there she was, Stephanie St. James. It was like a calling from the skies. I immediately sent her an email and a phone call. She answered and scheduled me that same week. Nervous about our 1st meet, but when I saw her, I was at an instance relaxed. Her smile, her attitude, her advice, her guidance, her attentiveness, her grace, her passion, and her belief in me was gravitational. I had to come back again and again and again. For each class there forth was a new experience of tears, laughter, drive, and determination. She has recovered a strength in me that has been hidden for so long. I thank God for allowing our stars to align. She is a phenomenal woman with a phenomenal gift to share to the world.

    Njie Sabik Actress, Host

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