How to Manifest Money with the Law of Attraction

How to Manifest Money with the Law of Attraction

Money is something we all need to survive and can not really do without. The importance attached to money has ensured that we all (except nuns and priests) must develop means to manifest money. Many of us wish to know how to manifest money in abundance. Primarily because money often times is one of the first necessities to turning dreams into reality. Creating a financial flow is important when developing a business as an entrepreneur.

The Law of Attraction has proven itself as one of the most important laws across many schools of thoughts. Positive thoughts breed positive productivity. Of course, it is not enough to develop positive thought patterns. You must put work into manifesting money, by developing your strategies to building your business. Positive energy will put you in the place to attract more positivity and more financial abundance.

Here are a few tips to consider as you set out to turn dreams into reality, start a business, or just manifest money in abundance.

How to Manifest Money with the Law of Attraction

GRATITUDE – Having an attitude of Gratitude is one of the key components to the Law of Attraction. What better way to attract more of what we desire, then being grateful for what we already have. When we live in a space of gratitude we increase our ability to attract more things to be grateful for. It’s really that simple. We feel better, even happier when we focus on our gratitude. Gratitude allows us to attract positive people into our lives and those people can benefit our lives on many levels.  Having an Attitude of Gratitude is the first step to living a more abundant life.

CREATE A VISION BOARD OR A GOAL BOOK – When we take the time to write and see our dreams, goals, and plans in our own handwriting, or visually, it brings us that much closer to the power of manifestation. Vision boards and goal books are powerful tools that can help you to get more specific about what it is that you really want for your life. They’re great tools to manifesting and abundance of money, your dreams, and desires. To Learn more on the power of Vision Boards and Goal Books Click Here.

How to Manifest Money with the Law of Attraction


THE POWER OF VISUALIZATION  – This goes hand in hand with creating a Vision Board or Goal Book. Learning to use visualization is another powerful tool when manifesting an abundance of money. With meditation, you can visualize what you want to attract into your life and get specific with the financial amounts you want to see landing in your bank account. By taking time every day to visualize, you create the ability to really begin to see what it is you desire.

AFFIRMATIONS – The Power of Affirmations is incredible. By implementing simple affirmations into your daily routine you can further the process of the Law of Attraction. A simple and easy affirmation, “I am a Money Magnet”, helps you to put out into the Universe what you want to attract back into your life. You can create your own affirmations. Affirmations should be done on a daily basis. You can practice your affirmations in the mirror, as part of your meditation, or even throughout the day.

How to Manifest Money with the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction works closely with positive thoughts; this means no room for doubt. If you have started a business or are ready to move forward into making your dreams into reality, then let your positive thoughts work together with the law of attraction.

In the realm of positivity, nothing can go wrong  because a failed plan will become a lesson learned. A victory will become a springboard. Furthermore, only wins exist when positivity meets the law of attraction.


  1. Veronica

    This is really great. Just started a business 2 months ago and I really need to implement these steps to get my business to the next level. So excited about this. Not sure why it took me this long to read what’s posted in this group. Thanks for posting this cuz.

    1. The St. James Experience

      Veronica so glad you are in the group and reading and I’m excited to hear about your new business please do share!

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