how to make a goal book

How to make a Goal Book


Every year since I was a little girl I’ve always done a Goal Book for the New Year!

What is a Goal Book?

It’s a book that I create that has all my goals, dreams, & aspirations in it.

Each year, I sit down before the New Years Clock strikes midnight, and I write out a conscious stream of flow.

.Instead of listing my Goals on a Checklist, which totally works for some people, I sit down and just start writing without thinking or stopping.

I write it until I just can not write anymore.

If I want to lose weight, or quit smoking, or book a National Tour, or travel to Egypt, or even meet and work with Oprah (These are all past goals I have achieved through my goal books) I write them down!

I cut out visuals from magazines, quotes and words, that I put together, paste on paper and then put in a binder.

I’ve done this every year since I was a kid (the few years I didn’t guess what? I didn’t achieve anything) and to my surprise each time I look back through my goal books I see I have achieved pretty much everything I set out to do in my life.

Some things took longer than just the year.

Some took 5 years, or 10 years.

Whatever I did not achieve in the year I made the goal book for, I carried it over into the New Year and eventually I found myself living out my most secret and passionate heart’s desires.

I am lucky to have parents that taught me about visualization and manifesting your dreams as a little girl.

When I would have gymnastics competitions my mother would tell me to visualize myself doing the routine without any mistakes and winning the medal!

It worked everytime!

Through the years, I have literally trained my brain to visualize the things that I want and manifest them into reality.

The goal book is a HUGE part of that.

I can flip through it throughout the year and remind myself of all the things I want and SEE THEM.

I had been doing this long before the book “The Secret” came out, so to my surprise when they mentioned a Vision Board in “The Secret” I started creating those too.

A collage of images on a nice poster board, that I could hang in my office with a checklist of goals.

Whatever You can Conceive You can Achieve!

Now if you just can not see yourself writing an essay style goal book then you can do a simple easy checklist.

I encourage you to try setting goals if you never have! You will be so surprised as to what you can manifest in your life if you are clear about what it is that you want.

In running my Acting Studio in Miami, Florida I encouraged all my students to begin doing goal books. Those that did had amazing results! I also encouraged them to do affirmations in the morning and in the evening. Like this one!


Take the time to work on YOU.

Creating goal books, vision boards, and checklists and saying affirmations are great ways of getting clear about all that you desire and inspiring yourself.

Even if you never look at it again, you took the time to clear out the brain fog and get focused about what you want to achieve.

That action is enough!


It’s always fun to look back 5 years or 10 years, or just one year and see what it was that I was wanting to do, places to go, people to meet and go WOW I did that!!

Your Best Life Is on the Horizon!
So join me in creating a Goal Book!

Start working on your Goal Book right NOW.

It will be done by the time the clock strikes Midnight and you will be on your way to living your BEST LIFE.


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      That is awesome Chip! Try doing them Once a Year or Every six months!

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