How I went from debt to 7 figures

How I went from DEBT to 7 Figures

How I went from DEBT to 7 Figures

How I went from debt to 7 figuresLess than 5 years ago in 2012 I almost lost my life and spent nearly three months in the hospital in NYC due to Endometriosis and complications from surgery.

I had four surgeries, blood transfusions, stints to my ureters, I was STAPLED shut!

When I was released from the hospital I weighed 89lbs and couldn’t even walk.

My hair was falling out in giant chunks and I had a bucket on the side of my bed because I couldn’t make it down my 12 foot hallway in my tiny NYC apartment to get to the restroom.

When I looked in the mirror I saw only a shell of who I used to be!


I was suffering from extreme PTSD from everything I survived in the hospital and thought my life was over because I could no longer sing and dance performing on stage.

Less than three years earlier, I remember the call I got from my agent in LA telling me I had booked a lead in Oprah Winfrey’s “The Color Purple Musical” after years of pounding the pavement in La and NY to make it as an actress!

I had worked my entire life and made so many sacrifices for a career as an actress.

On the EDGE of the success that I had worked so hard for since I was 7 years old!

I was living my DREAM and it ALL CAME CRASHING DOWN!

Here I was now in NY literally unraveling at the seams! With tubes and needles and bags attached to my body.


It was devastating!

We were BROKE!

There was so MUCH DEBT!

We had to leave NYC and go back to the small town I was raised in, to live in my grandmothers house so we could try to recover my health and to try rebuild our life.

Not even able to afford a bottle of water from 7-11.

My husband got a job walking a car lot.

Life sucked!

I continued to be rushed back to the hospital regularly with residual issues.

We felt hopeless!

and hit ROCK BOTTOM!

We were drowning! Financially, Spiritually, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally!

It was like we were chained together with weights tied to our ankles and we were handcuffed and tossed over the bridge!

It was our lowest point of life!

And that is when we FINALLY GAVE IN and we accepted our Reality!

It was 5 days before New Years and I went to bed early which was unusual since I could never sleep because I was having nightmares with my eyes OPEN!!

Suddenly my mind went to when I was 7 years old when I went to audition to be in Annie the Musical in the Bay Area! I didn’t think it was possible to get in the show. I wanted to be Annie but even at 7 years old I believed that a BLACK Annie wasn’t possible or just being black and in Annie was impossible.

It was my first audition ever and I was already giving up before I started!

I was so scared and nervous at the time and my mom pulled me aside and taught me all the tools I needed and would use throughout my whole life to be successful!

She taught me to visualize myself getting into the show. She taught me all the tools I needed to make my dream come true.

How had I forgotten?

I woke up my husband Ariel to tell him I had the solution!

We were going to go back to the basics of what my mom had taught me when I was 7 years old.

We needed to apply the tools I’d used my whole life for my acting career, so we could make money and pay off our debts and be financially free.

On New Year’s Eve of 2012 I taught my husband how to make a Goal Book!

I hadn’t made one since I met him, so it was his first time experiencing it.

At the time considering our circumstances, our goals seemed totally delusional.

But at this point we had NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to Gain!

One of the goals we wrote down was that we wanted to make $40k a month as a short term financial goal.

I remember my husband saying that we had totally lost our minds.

But we committed to it anyways.

I said I wanted to make a MILLION dollars in 5 years – that was MY long term goal! It seemed untouchable but I wrote it down anyways!!!

Less than four weeks later it HIT us! That moment of inspiration we had been banging our heads on the wall for it to finally HIT!

BOOM our first business idea!

We began to develop our strategy!

$3500 in credit  and we invested it into our business plans!

24/7 OF HARD WORK and we didn’t give up on our dreams!

We developed over time several small businesses!

I just did the math today!

It’s been less than five years and our 5 year MILLION dollar goal has been met!

Our multiple small businesses have sustained us and helped us to reach our goal!

We have worked for ourselves running our multiple small businesses!

No more car lot!!!!!


STOP with your excuses!

Your too Bald, too Short, too Fat, too Thin, too Light, too Dark

Too Too Too many Excuses!


I also had excuses! WE had excuses as to why it wouldn’t work but we LET THEM GO!

We had good reasons to believe it wouldn’t be possible – I had almost died but we didn’t let that stop us when we could have chosen to just fall apart completely!

Either way you’re going to be RIGHT no matter what you choose! So Choose YOU!

We chose US!

We chose our DREAMS and we Banked on Ourselves and I’m so Happy we did!

The past is behind us and I don’t ever want to look back and wonder what it would have been had we not just LEAPED off the Edge to our Destiny!

I want to show YOU how we did it!

I want to help you STRATEGIZE YOUR LIFE, so you can make YOUR DREAMS A REALITY!

Right NOW is the time!

Join me in UP leveling your life and FINALLY begin manifesting your dreams to REALITY!

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