Attitude of Gratitude

Attitude of Gratitude

“Baby things just shifted and I’m going to stay excited about it!”

Joy to my ears. The thoughts that we think and our “feelings” become our reality. Period. Last year I was about 25 lbs. overweight due to some medical treatments and I was living in Humid Miami, Florida and just miserable about my weight. I kept saying “I’m so FAT”. The more I said it, the more I became it. I had to remind myself that the things we project become our reality. We literally can speak ourselves into being whatever we say.

Fat, Ugly, Unhealthy, Poor, Stupid, Angry, Trapped, and Fearful


Thin, Beautiful, Healthy, Wealthy, Brilliant, Happy, Fearless And Free!

We literally have the power to Create our Own Realities.

So as my butt size started to grow I had to remind myself of the Power of my Own Words.

I decided to make a commitment to how I thought and felt about my own body and think and speak it into being what I wanted it to be in order for me to be Satisfied and Happy with my Size.
I started by saying to my husband that I was going to Visualize and Talk myself into being Thin again.
That was the First Step. I made the decision to do just that much.

I then set a goal of a time-frame to reach my perfect size. It was by the Summer, before the real HEAT HIT.

Next came visualizing the Fat literally melting off of my body and saying to myself “I am skinny and I fit into my smallest Jean shorts”. Sound Crazy? Well, maybe if you’ve never tried it before.

Slowly but surely each day, I started becoming more committed to just visualizing and affirming with my words and my thoughts that I was at a healthy weight for me and thin. Those two actions brought more ACTion.

I began to go down to the gym in my Condo Building and start walking on the treadmill.

Time passed.

I began to eat a little healthier.

My Attitude of Gratitude grew Stronger

More time passed.

I started to jog on the treadmill all while thinking and seeing myself as THIN AND HEALTHY.

Then I started to lift a few weights.

Next I began to eat healthier more and more each day. I started to feel good. I started to believe what I was saying to myself and as time passed I started to see myself SHRINKING and one day I woke up and I was THIN AGAIN.

It was pretty effortless. I didn’t have to starve myself or go on some crazy extreme diet.

I just had to think, feel and see myself being WHO I DESIRED.

It all started with the small commitment to change the way I was thinking, feeling, and seeing myself and BOOM SHAKA LAKA. Greatness.


Over the last few weeks I have been encouraging my husband (and myself) to apply these techniques of visualizing and speaking our lives into being what WE DESIRE THEM TO BE in ALL FACETS OF OUR LIFE together as a couple and as individuals.

Again, we literally Create our Own Realities, so if we believe we are poor and say over and over again “I’m so broke”. Guess What? BROKEDOM…

If we make a commitment to affirm that

“I’m Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, Free and Fearless”

(come on say it with me)

Boom Shaka Laka so it will BE and so it IS.


I encourage all of you to get into the FEELING of what it means to Believe what you Say, Think, and See for yourself and make that FEELING A POSITIVE ONE.

Say to yourself that things are Shifting and You are Excited about them and stay Excited and getting more and more Excited everyday…
Live with an Attitude of Gratitude and allow the Abundance to just FLOW into your LIFE.

Baby things just shifted and I’m going to STAY Excited about it!


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