6 Week Actor Program

The 6 Week Actor Program is an intensive six weeks where we work 1 on 1. This program is perfect for actors/artists of all levels. This program will teach you to master the art of auditioning, as well as learn important key tools to Branding + Marketing yourself. You will also work on discovering your blocks and breaking through them in order to excel in your career.

What better way to receive this gift, than from an acting coach who is also a successful working actor.

The individual focus each artist/actor receives working one on one, solely on their own  development, is invaluable to your success.

  • Week 1 – The Audition: In week 1 of the 6 week actor program, we will assess your skill + confidence level. We will assess your knowledge of the industry and networking. You will get on your feet and work through the audition process with me by preparing audition material. Material may consist of a scene, monologue, or your best 32 bars of a song.
  • Week 2 – The Callback: In week 2 we will bring back your audition material from Week 1. We will assess how well you take direction and apply techniques. You will receive feedback on your Week 1 material. We will begin to discuss your “type” and you will learn key tools to mastering the art of auditioning and the audition room.
  • Week 3 – The Producer Session: In week 3 we will go through the audition process applying week 1 and week 2. You will present the assignments you were given, and we will work on the “Producer Session” Callback.

6 Week Actor Program

  • Week 4 – Artist Empowerment: In Week 4 we will work on empowering you as an artist and performer. We will do this throughout the program but this week we will be solely focusing on discussing your blocks and how to overcome them. 
  • Week 5 – Branding + Marketing: In week 5 we will discuss everything in regards to branding and marketing you as an artists/actor. From headshots, to demo reels, and other important materials you will learn one of the most important key elements to succeeding in todays entertainment world. Your knowledge of how to brand and market yourself is a key factor in being noticed by agents and casting directors. We will go through all the resources available to you, and how to utilize them.
  • Week 6 – Action/Curtains Up: In week 6 we will wrap up the program by doing a cold read audition from Sign in to Sign out. You will apply all the things you have learned throughout the program and we will do a final assessment of your progress.

6 Week Actor Program

Stephanie taught me to understand that I hold the power to create my reality and my destiny. She gave me the tools and training I needed to make a plan to achieve my goals and more.
Sarah Preston

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